Just Rise

Our Mission

Help us help others. Our mission for Just Rise is to give to shelters, women and children who lived domestic violence. Living in a house where you are being mistreated daily is a difficult and challenging experience. 

You get yelled at constantly, hit, degraded and much more. We are here to help you heal from that experience. We are here to help move forward in your new life after leaving the shelter. 

I know when I left the shelter with my two boys, I was still on survival mode. I thought now that I am gone everything will be ok. Well yes and no. Yes I was no longer abused by the father of my boys but I was abusing myself now. 

Our mission is to prevent you from doing the same. Our mission is to help you move forward with a peace of mind. With a knowing that you are going to be ok. Our mission is to bring you shopping for your first groceries and buy some cloths. New cloths for your new life, throwing all the old away if you even left with any. 

We want you to start fresh. Our mission is also to bring you shopping for furniture for your new place. Helping you find an apartment and filling it with the essentials. I know how hard it is to start with nothing. 

Our mission is to make sure that your first 3 months on your own is when you really take control of your life, emotions and heal from the most traumatic and have the tools to deal with whatever comes up moving forward. 


  • Clear mind

    You will be able to finally find your purpose. To be able to think without wondering what is going to happen next.

  • Money

    With time your finances will be ok and you will be able to live like you were meant to.

  • Support

    There will always be someone cheering you on no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Time freedom

    The ability to do what you love to do no matter what it is. We will get you to a point where you will not give your time for money.

  • Location freedom

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to travel to every corner of the world or you just chill with your family at home.

  • Financial freedom

    You will not have worries anymore. We will set you up for success. The stress about money will be gone forever.

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