Just Rise


For years I struggled to get out of my negativity, I was trying to let go of the past but didn’t know how to do it, until one day I found a meditation that truly changed it for me. It is called The Secret Meditation here is the linkThe Secret Universal Mind Meditation  This is the meditation I would fall asleep to every night for at least 4 months. After about two weeks I noticed that every day got a little bit easier, I felt happier and started to really see the difference in myself.

Remove Negativity

When you are in a bad place negativity always comes up. Why is this happening why does the universe hate me. But truly you should be asking yourself what am I thinking about? Why am I angry? Why am I thinking negatively? Negative things happen when you are thinking in a certain way. We need to learn how to control what we are thinking and change it to positive as soon as we notice the negative. I promise you thing will change. 

Abraham Hicks ~ The key to have highest vibration! Always!