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You are on the Just Rise website. We pride ourselves on helping women who have lived the same experience as myself Theresa the founder. The reason I decided to start this foundation is because I saw that starting a new life on my own was seriously the most challenging time of my life. 


My goal is to help women start their new life with tools that can help them and their children. Our goal is to start fresh, to really brighten up a time that is such a struggle. 


The foundation is new at this moment in time and is growing gradually, and we know where we are going. Just to give you an idea our goal is to help at least 4 shelters per month (food, electricity, toiletries) and 4 women per month for housing, electricity, food, phone/internet bill, healing tools (books, activity etc..) 


We will hopefully be able to do a lot more but those are some things we have planned for the near future. 

what type of Foundation are we


We are looking to truly help someone from start to finish. It is not just watching videos on how to heal. It will be hands on experiences and healing modalities. Sessions with healers and people who have been where these women have been. Digging deep to truly heal and be happy.


The financial education will be learnt by people who have come from nothing. Who know what it is like to start over, with debt weighing on their minds. That have had to struggle to get to where they are now. It is not people who have always had money that would be able to relate to these women. So we will truly show then the receipt to success.

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If you would like to be a sponsor please reach out to Theresa Froggatt the founder of Just Rise 

please use this email for the moment theresafroggatt2.0@gmail.com

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