Just Rise

Hi, I´m Theresa Froggatt

My purpose in life is about helping women

I set up my non profit to help shelters and women that have overcome the impossible; leaving a domestic violence relationship!! I have founded Just Rise to truly help women to rise from their traumatic experience.

It is a challenging thing to do, making the decision to finally leave is scary, exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. We never truly know when it will happen. The courage just comes when our soul says ok enough is enough.

So my soul purpose in life moving forward is to help others get through the process a lot faster then I did. Have a beautiful support system and a different way of starting their new life. 

We will need as much help as anyone is willing to offer, whether it be financially, time and/or physical items. We appreciate any and everything you are willing to donate and truly truly appreciate it. 


Abuse is a scary thing


We can not see how good life can be when we are in the middle of hell. We don’t see the end of the tunnel we only see the darkness around us.

We see the ugly, the pain and the devastation that is going on around us. There is a feeling of pain, anger, resentment and fear. Fear for our lives. We try and find a way to leave, we think oh this time it is going to work and then “they” (spouse/boyfriend) find out what we were planning, then the inevitable happens, it gets worse. The abuse is more intense, the gas lighting is worse and the beatings become more regular. 

You get to a point where you don’t know what is up and what is down, what is good and what is bad. Because every time you speak  you are told that it is wrong and you are stupid. It is not an easy thing to live through. However understand that when you are finally free it only gets better from there. 

Trust that we can help you get back on your feet once you leave the shelter. That is one of our requirements is that you go through a shelter before we can help you. That process is important seeing as many return back to their abusive relationships seeing as they think they cannot live well alone.. 


I stand taller because I am a Survivor

When I was diagnosed with cancer a second time in 2019 I realized it was because I still had build up anger that I could not release. I could not let the anger go, if I didn’t let it go this time I knew it would kill me seeing as it almost did the first time in 2016. I am truly grateful that I am still here to tell my story, now I want love to give back to the world. God/Source kept me around for a reason, so I will make the most with this precious time I have.

My anger was growing and growing after my separation from the father of my children. Seeing him in a house and a new relationship. Having happy moments while we ( his children and I ) struggled because he couldn’t pay me more than 80$ every two weeks …

I was able to melt the cancer away in less than two months. For most people they believe that cancer is hereditary or in us, that we activate. However no one in my family ever had cancer. I am the only one, I am not sure if you realize what emotions can do to a body?   If you don’t learn how to release the stress, anxiety, worry, anger and want for revenge your body will start to get ill and will create a dis-ease to try and rid itself of the emotions.

Please realize that we have control over our health.. When the cancer came back, I finally said enough was enough I could not live through that again and I started making big changes in my life. I went to see a Naturopath who helped me unblock my nervous system and then I started saying positive affirmations, plus finding ways to get rid of all the trauma I still had in my body and mind. Two months later I did a scan and everything was gone. I had three nodules, all gone. Understand that once I LET GO of the negative emotions my cancer dissolved. I am now cancer free and negativity free, my life is so different. We can show you how , it is actually not that difficult. 

You are a warrior and warriors do Not give up!!!

Since then I have started my personal growth that is never ending. I am the happiest I have ever been and there is no looking back. I know how to think healthy and be healthy now, we are here to help and show others how to do the same.

Build the life they always dreamt about. We truly encourage you to think about where you are and where you want to go.. What makes you smile, what makes you happy, what have you always wanted to do and never could for whatever reason. Let’s change your world one layer at a time 🙂

Join me and lets do it together