Just Rise

How to heal your heart 💕

How changing a few things in your life can change your life completely


This picture was taken while I was travelling, which is something that is near and dear to my heart. 💜  

My heart has expanded so much since I have started my healing journey. This is something that you need to start if you are struggling daily. I don’t mean you need to start travelling I mean you NEED to start healing. I can say that leaving my environment really helped me HEAL as well seeing as I had no one around me who I felt would judge me or criticize the way I was going about healing. 

I was only days away from doing an ayahuasca retreat. I am so grateful that I have been able to experience this type of healing. Just a side note you do not need to do the same things I have done to heal. With the trauma that I have lived I felt it was needed to do these types of healing modalities. 

I write this to encourage you to start evolving and evolving means healing and forgiving. If you live with trauma and think about it daily whether subconsciously or consciously does not matter the healing needs to start. 

I use to believe that I would never be able to heal but I did. Don’t get me wrong I did not heal everything in one day. It is like an onion once you start the process there are layers to this and it is an ongoing thing. You might think all is good and then one day you hear a song and it brings you right back to the place or the feeling that makes you want to crawl in a hole and die. But will know better and you will have tools to help you learn from the event and move forward and better you . 

This is the beauty about evolving you grow from the lessons of life. There is no easy way, the only way is to see the lesson in the experience. People say but I was just a baby when it happened how do I learn form that. Well you learn not to do it to others. I was 2 years old the first time I was abused and even though I do not recollect the event I did feel the trauma subconsciously. I hated having a bath after my babysitter tried to drown me. It made me anxious and I just wanted to get out of the bath. This trauma lasted for decades because I never dealt with the trauma. Once I finally faced this event I have been able to take a bath with no pain, sadness or anxiety at all. 

So please understand that the event does not define who you are, unless you let it. Which I did for decades because I was playing the poor me syndrome. When I finally decided enough was enough I finally let it go, all the fear and anger towards that event is gone and now I can enjoy taking a bath if I want. 

We have to earth to live experiences many different experiences because each feeling is something that we help us evolve. We are not our physical body, we are our energy. But that we can talk about another day. Let us grow together, let us heal together. Lets change your path to one that you love and look forward to walk on everyday. Lets learn to enjoy life as it was meant to.. 

Much love ❤️